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Aug 22, 2011 5:30am EDT
dollars at today's rate.mmst of us can't afford one of if you're lookinn to buy gold -- how about innesting in parts of a par.ppul tustain -- headd an online site -- that allows you to do just that. it's easier to buy old now than it is to broker. you just go onllne. with gold prices abovee1700 dollars an oonce -- some believe -- itts simply ust not worth the investment righh deal more value, and a lot of - people think that can happen,, then you certainly want to buy gold at thhseeprices. they invest in gold when they fear that the value of their urrency is going to fall for bought through hese online siies -- re held by accredited aults around the world. premiums on the gold - the serious gold investor -- it's the most efficient ootion. as investor - a retail investor, can it be any denomination of gold, or oes ii have to be at least one ounce?no you ccn invest in aay denomination. as ou know now,, an ounce is aboot 1750 dollars. we have ppople routinely going doww to a coople of hundred dollars. usutally that's only to test the system out. but you can o d
FOX News
Aug 26, 2011 6:00am EDT
quote . >> for him to complain about an earthquake that caused, what, dozens of dollars worth of damage, our hearts and prayers do go out to those who nearly lost their balance in yesterday's earthquake, he
Aug 19, 2011 5:30am EDT
miss. missinggthe policy on robin garnderrwas taken out .. nd was worth 1-point-5 million dollars..iordano claims... gardner was swept awayywhen the two went snorkling in aruba.shh's been weeks. p(:48)i know he had explained to her that he had some problems with some womee but he explained that away so ttat she gave him light where there was arkness.. parkness.. giordano ...a business ownne from gaithersburg.... and a twice pivorced father of three son's... has denied any wrongdoing . the violent storms last night could e to blame for a fatal acciient in anne arundel happenee around 6 o'clock near the intersection grays road in lothian. you can see he van was clearly on fire. two aduuts died in the crash..o worr on the denity of the victims. p-n-aalinks a man ... accused of rape in new york... to another case in maryland. maryland. police say 23-year-old damiiolaa animashaun ... rappd a 11-year-old wommn back in april of 20100 he followed her into an apartment building on old couut road in pikesville.... and sexuully ass
Aug 19, 2011 7:00pm PDT
survey said corruption in india has cost billions of dollars and could derail growth. >>> the syrian government continues its use of force on anti-government protesters even after president bashar al assad told the united nations that his security forces had stopped the crackdown on civilians. since march of this year, assad's administration has been mobilizing military and police to suppress protesters with violence. but the syrian president told u.s. secretary-general ban ki-moon on wednesday over the phone that the military and police operations had stopped. however, a human rights group gathering information in syria said security forces continued bombing and shooting anti-government protesters on thursday in latakia, in the country's northwest and the central city of homs. >>> britain and france said they will push for a u.n. security council sanction on syria. they met to discuss the issue on thursday. >> we believe that the time has come for the council to take further actions to step up the pressure against those who are responsible for the violence against the citizens of sy
Aug 10, 2011 5:00am EDT
than a trillion dollars in uts... to try and tame the ddficii. all... while tryiig to deal with their own different viewpoints. 3 flick away rampant deficit spending.... tuesdaa evening...democrats max baucus -- john kerry -- &pselected as the democratic senators who will serve on the so-caaled deficit reduction "super committee."when all the members are named...six republicans and six democrats will tty and work out one point five trillion in deficit reduction by late november and get t to both the house and get deficit spendinggto decelerate...the federal ressrve wants to get thh engine of the economy to roar....the fed has announced it will keep interest rates at near zero t least through mid-2013.good news for borrowers but economists pointt out that...the fed ddesn't holster. it can't lower n the interest rates veryymuch, they can buy more assets but it's not clear that would make much oversaw theedistribution of funds to troubled banks during the financial crisis. your ownthat's why the markets - aae reacting the way that they arestandard anddpoor's
Aug 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
-dollars...." dollars...."the place in baltimore... where you can gee iicredible deals on things that belong in 55star hotels ... next nextand later in sports... the ravees gettready for the chiefs on friday the team's defense is shaping up. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3 so you're back from summer vacatioo.... and you wish ou cculd've brought thh comforts of that luxury hotel... home.what many people don't know... is living in fiie - star luxury is possibbe á andá it wwn't cost yyu five - star our cover story, jeff aaell , unlocks the secrets to ... "bringing uxury home." home." (23:28) (exterior shot) (27:25) (audio) "we get great furniture..." at 29'th and'll find a warehouse hats forever overstockkd.... (26:17) "ww'll get a truckload with &p20-30 rooms of furniture on overstocked outlet....where you'lllfind designer furniture &p.. (31:30) "the drawees do go inside...." selling at ot so designer pricess..... (33:37) "this ooe's for sale for 29-dollars...." this 29-dollar cabinet once stood in a hotel ro
Aug 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
or alive, the million-dollar bounty is put on the head of colonel gaddafi. but the fighting continues, rebels advanced on -- >> i don't know what they are fading for -- fighting for. we have a minute corner now. >> and other news, steve jobs steps down as the company's chief executive. hurricane irene gather strength as it moves across the caribbean. it is 9:00 a.m. here in singapore. >> hello and welcome. there have been fierce battles and the capital of tripoli after colonel gaddafi vowed to fight until victory or martyrdom. the whereabouts of the libyan leader is not known. the rebels have offered a reward of a million dollars to anyone who captures or kills him. we were in the streets to gauge the mood of the city that is no longer ruled by the gaddafi dynasty. >> the square has been renamed martyrs' square and honor of all those who lost their lives in the fight for libya. look at it now, it is a scene of celebration. they are waving the old flag that will replace the gaddafi's flack. take a look at what lies on the ground. all of these bullet casings. this place exploded in cele
Aug 4, 2011 1:00am PDT
the intervention, the yen weakened against the u.s. dollar, quite substanally now. right now one dollar will get 79.88 yen. let's take a look at the day's trading in the yen. it's fairly flat around the 77.2 level until the bank of japan stepped into the markets. you'll see a pop of slightly officer 3% gets around about that 79 level or so. certainly an immediate effect there by the bank of japan on the yen. >> you can certainly see it, can't you, andrew? japan's large companies were bearing the brunt of the surging yen for months to come. with news of this intervention, the nikkei shot up right along with japan's economic news as well. kyung lah joins us from tokyo to explain all of this and these busy times over the last day or so. kyung, we should stress japan is an extremely economy. it needs to calm down the yen. it's made to exporters need to make more money on their sales abroad, don't they? >> reporter: well, absolutely. if you just go into your house, for example, and look at how many appliances or your vehicles may be from japan, you start to understand and get a slight glimpse into how m
Aug 1, 2011 1:00am PDT
're being affected. charles, you'll note that the dollar has been suffering of lachlt recovering some ground, but we should remember that this is, of course, the world's trading currency. two thirds of the world's trade is actually done in dollars and so a lot of the currency trade is done behind me. that's one of the things that they're going be cautiously looking at. the euro rowe counts for the quarter of the trade. these are the kind of currencies that we're going be looking at for a reaction when, of course, we do get some kind of agreement finally being implemented. >>> certainly a little bit of the uncertainty has been removed. we're seeing gold, for example, off by about $14 last time i looked. but i mean there's still a lot of uncertainty out there. mainly hanging over the aaa rating. for example, the u.s. treasury bills, u.s. debt enjoys, what are the people in the market saying about whether that aaa rating could be maintained, nina? >> that's something that started creeping into the forefront of investors' minds. last week people started saying even if we do get an 11th hour deal
Aug 17, 2011 10:00pm EDT
.5 million dollar - accidentaa death pplicy on hhm.....beneficiary....... (20:43) what raises questions hereeii the existence of the policy the existence of the 1.5 million accidental death &pbenefit and the fact that he' designateedbeneficiary...... towson attorney steve allen says.....its ompelling evidence of motive....(21:16) that he knew it had a death benefit and that he puuposefully made himself thee beneficiary then under those circumstances that could bee very compelling eviddnce of motive.... robyn gardner of frederick has bben missing for nearly two weeks...she travelled to aruba with giordano.... who said she was - swept away when the two went &psnorkeling on the southside o is trailed by a history of ho - domestic violence was orrered this week to remain n an aruban jail for another 16 days while police investigate whattthey say are erious inconsistencies in is story.... (:16)gary haddeaaned herrtrust he was a riend... meanwhhle........gardnerr mom is also questioning what happened.....(2:59)we want to find our friend we want to home..... but sttll has come home...
Aug 25, 2011 5:30am EDT
approved a 30- thoussnd dollar settlement with an elderly baltimore city . woman.she suffered serrous injuries to her arm and head after she was thrown to the ground by a baltimore city police detective during a police investigation in east &pbaltmore in 2009. eft the woman with bruises, a black eye and injuries to her neck after the officer pressed his knee into her throat. "officers are tring to peel them all apart and the gramdmother is somewhat fragile, we sometimes call them egg shell plaintiffs, so she's not our latest offensive tackle 400 pounds of mean tough whatever., in the process she gets hurt" hurt"the city has budgeted nearly 2-million dollars just to pay cllims against police officers this year. since 2007, more than 7-point-2 million dollars has been spent settling lawsuitt against city officers. a tragic story in northeast baltimore... where a man whoo tried to walk away from a bar fight... ends up dead. happened inside ibis tavern... early sunddy morning. investigators say 35-year old alfred garner, junior got into an argumenn... but then tried to l
Aug 15, 2011 6:30pm PDT
at a blistering rate. the country also spent billions of dollars on showpiece events like the olympic games and the shanghai expo. so why are other countries still sending aid money to this economic powerhouse? >>reporter: bucks for bamboo; in rural sichuan, europe's taxpayers are funding a two and a half million dollar project to help revive, boost and sustain stocks of this fast-growing, versatile, substitute for timber. >>managed by the international network for bamboo and rattan, inbar, the programme also promotes safer factory working conditions, more effective marketing and greater use of bamboo in construction. the goal is to strengthen economic recovery in a region where the production chain was destroyed in the 2008 earthquake. but there's a long way to go. >>dr. yiping: a lot of problems, i think, for the workers' safety, for resource efficiency - so i think this project can bring a lot of experience or expertise from outside to help with lots of people. >>reporter: indeed - but in europe's age of austerity, why isn't china financing projects like this itself ? >>the world's secon
Aug 26, 2011 9:00pm PDT
fill in yuba county. they signed 112 million dollar deal with land fill owner to begin sending the trash to a facility near wheat land beginning in 2015. you see the area on the map. resident calling themselves the yuba group against garbage today filed a lawsuit saying city officials approved the deal without first doing an environmental impact assessmen assessment. ecology spokesman says the company was not required to study the environmental impact. >> thousands of miles of buried gas line under intense scawt any of course ever since the san bruno disaster. one year ago next month. now pg&e says it has a way to increase the safety of those lines. heather has details on the plan. >>reporter: the pipe that rupture in san brown 0a year ago was installed in 1956. before a 1970 law requiring regular strength test going forward. and after the explosion pg&e discovered the records about what kind of pipe it had underground were inaccurate. it now says it will verify and upgrade all of the nearly 6000 miles of transmission lines to meet new state standards. >> clear break be
Comedy Central
Aug 19, 2011 1:00pm PDT
. >> so that would get them $140 million. >> he doesn't have to waste your tax dollars and travel around in a 1.1 million luxury liner. >> why are we spending $6 million, $1 million on the first lady. >> you got to start somewhere. even when we talk about npr, a million dollars here, that's a million dollars. >> jon: oh, so when you cut t it's a million dollars. but when you tax it, it's oh, $700 billion. all we had to do to raise $700 billion is cut $700,000 nprs. it's almost too easy. but if it's revenue you want, it does happen to be another place instead of the rich that you can look for it. >> warren buffett writing how the rich should pay more tax but saying not a word about the half of american households that pay no income taxes at all. >> is that fair when half the population pays absolutely nothing. >> 51%, that's a majority of american households paid no income tax in 2009. zero. zip, in additiona. >> many of them get so much money in tax credits that it wipes out any social security taxes or medicare taxes they're paying. they are absolutely on a free ride. >> jon: you hear t
Aug 4, 2011 7:00pm PDT
against the dollar overnight in new york. came after u.s. share prices plunged on concerns over a slowdown in the american economy. the japanese currency rebounded to the upper 78 yen level at one point on the new york foreign exchange, that's after the yen had weakened to just above -- for the first time in about three weeks. the yen's decline followed japan's intervention on thursday, the first such move since shortly after the march 11th earthquake. the bank of japan's decision to take extra credit easing action weighed down on the yen. in tokyo, trading at 79.10 to 12 yen against the dollar. market players say the focus is how long japan will continue with the intervention when the dollar remains under selling pressure due to worries over the economy. now the intervention by the monetary authorities has so far been unilateral meaning other countries have not taken part. about such a move the european central bank expressed a negative view. a comment was made to reporters on thursday after he was asked if he supports the solo action by japan to buy the dollar and sell the yen. trichet s
Aug 20, 2011 10:00pm EDT
back to you the tax payer after footinggthe $$00 million dollar bill innthe 1980's. baltimore'ssmayoral candidates day.... this morning, otis rolley and an army of volunteers set out to nock on three-thousand doors in three hours. rolley told the volunteers that 'human contact'...not flashy difference in the race for mayyr.... (7:19:39) (rolley)) "i used to run track and you lose timeewhen ou do this or this. you have to run your race. p'm not paying attentioo to attention to the voters. i'm making sure we connect with 13'th and there's sommone goveening he city in a wayy that makes a lot of sense...." brought her mayoral campaign - to northhasttbaltimore today reduce crimee pugh met with many recent ccime victims ann questioned recent statistics that suggest crime in altimore is on the decline. 3& (7::5:56) (pugg) "just murder is up 133-percent, - robbery is up...." (7:45:04) (pugh) "because we've got too many police offiiers doing desk duty thht ought to be walking thh neighborhoods...."" the incumbent, mmyor stephanie rawlings-blake was rrvvin
Aug 1, 2011 5:30pm PDT
that washington spends tax pair dollars is a lot like redirecting and turning an aircraft carrier. it's a monumental task. >> the ten year agreement would unfold in stages. the first would cut spending. the debt ceiling would immediately by a similar amount allowing the government to continue borrowing into 2012. in stage two a joint congressional committee would recommend one and-a-half dollars in additional savings to the year is end. otherwise automatic spending cuts of $1.2 trillion would kick in, taking equal domestic and defense programs. medicaid and social security would be exempted but payments to medicare providers could go either way, the debt celling would be increased again by at least $1.2 trillion also by year's end. it could be blocked but only by a two thirds vote of congress. after some uncertainty over which chamber would act first. the measure grew support from republicans and democrats. >> mr. speaker, if this were the only step ever, it's only the beginning. we end this mess with one bill or one piece of legislation. it took a long time and a lot of votes and it'
Aug 19, 2011 5:30pm PDT
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm shery ahn. the dollar hits a record low of u.s. and credit worries in europe. the lowest it had ever been previously was 76.25 yen after the march 11 disaster that hit japan. market sources say one factor behind the dollar -- may have to launch monetary measures. for insight on the impact of the weakening dollar on the u.s. economy, we spoke with chief economist at jp morgan chase bank. >> the u.s. is the economy which is at most risk of going into recession right now. japan is in a process of rebounding after the disasters that hit it earlier this year. and we do think that the u.s. is suffering in terms of its performance in asset markets and portfolio flows as a result of the disappointing news that the u.s. might fall into recession. in the context of the move in the currency, we do believe a fall in the dollar's value is an encouraging sign providing some cushioning against the weak ness in the economy. we also believe that the weaker dollar while it is helping to add some inflation pressure in the system is not going to deter the fed fr
Aug 25, 2011 11:00pm PDT
she changed her travel plans, paid the difference in airfare, but you added a 150-dollar change fee. oh, boo hoo. who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? me. well, she says she's going to fly southwest next time because they don't do that. they love customers, i love cash. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. . >>> he thought he was going to be honored after his life. >> reporter: it is still in the works as well as securing a place to put it. >> another day similar to today for tomorrow, into the weekend it will be warmer. i will have details on your forecast coming up. >>> president obama has declared a state of emergency earn north carolina. hurricane irene is still more than a day away with winds at 115 miles per hour. the category 3 storm is expected to skirt along the coast of eastern florida at first, you can see it sent waves crashing into the shorelines in florida. expected to reach north carolina coast on saturday afternoon after building strength in the warm atlantic wa
Aug 30, 2011 9:00pm PDT
on federal charges. she is accused of embezzling more than 1 million dollars from the player accounts. dan has a story that you will see only from 7. >>reporter: robin worked in the san francisco giants front office for 4 years. she's 41 years old. married. 2 small children and until last month was a payroll manager for the team. annual salary, 80,000 dollars. the affidavit from an fbi special agent says she enbezzled one and a half million dollars from the giants payroll between june 200010 and june 2011. formal charges wire fraud. fraud in connection with computer. >> felonies. they are not the most serious felony but they do carry a people ty of up to 5 years in federal prison per count. >>reporter: affidavit explains that o'connor had a giants lap top with payroll program and she was allowed to work from her american canyon home. here's how the scheme unravelled. last month o'connor applied for a loan to buy a house in san diego. the affidavit says she forged a letter from the giants hr manager explaining large deposits into her account. because of her outstanding contribut
Aug 14, 2011 10:00am EDT
.5 trillion dollars in foreign reserves. yet it stillwelcomes 2.5 billion dollars annually in foreign aid - 70 million dollars from the european commission's budget alone, millions more from eu member countries including cash-strapped greece and ireland. >>abou: we try to adapt smartly to this situation where we have to help a country which has huge financial means - but i can say that in spite of that, these programmes that we are helping would not be done if there was not our help. >>reporter: poverty reduction, environmental protection, strengthening civil society - these kinds of targeted programmes are actually political priorities for major donors like the eu, the us and japan. but there's also a legal explanation for aiding china. >>for sure, china has the means to dazzle by spending billions on events like the shanghai expo and the beijing olympics - not to mention a hundred billion dollars annually maintaining its military. and the country has also emerged as a multi billion dollar donor itself - though it's accused of propping up unstable african regimes as it seeks valuable mining r
Aug 2, 2011 9:54am EDT
, this package will mean fewer dollars for job training, for education programs and housing, hampering our ability to create a long-term recovery. poll after poll shows a majority of americans support shared sacrifice in this recovery. unfortunately, this package also falls woefully short on that count, while we did manage to protect important programs like social security, medicare, medicaid and nutrition assistance programs, there are still many, many important programs that will be on the chopping block. initiatives like housing assistance, help for small businesses and rural economic development programs, just to name a few. this all the while the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans and large corporations remain untouched. this package is what happens when idealogues bent on nationalizing their extreme agendas get their way. the fracture that we have seen among republicans in the house over these last few months has much broader effect than just in that chamber. their staunch refusal to compromise at the expense of struggling families has pushed this debate and our nation to the br
Aug 4, 2011 1:35am PDT
dollars worth have been out of stocks and into the safety of government bonds. >> nobody really knows what is coming down the pike. worry is high right now. they don't know what will happen with the spending cuts, now that the debt deal has been reached. >> try a smaller business, adt said company was fewer than 50 employees are adding the most job. >> another stand off in washington that could cost government more than a billion dollars. congress has left for a summer recess without acting to fund the faa. that means more than a billion dollars in airline ticket taxes are not being collected. it also means 4,000 employees are furloughed and at least 70,000 contractors are out of work. >> i don't know identify can make my rent, my car insurance. >> reporter: the main stick point is workers rights, house republicans want it harder for employees to form unions, democrats don't. republicans want to trim subsides for rural airports. the partial shut down means the feds don't collect taxes on plane tickets. most airlines raised fares to take advantage of it. not alaska though, it's pass
Aug 2, 2011 6:00pm EDT
dollar enterprise. >>we provide a comprehensive solution - all in one basket. we gather together all the required goods, technology, human resources, funding and services on this single platform. >>reporter: china's energy saving industry is on the move. by 2015, the market for low carbon goods and services is forecast to reach 2.3 trillion dollars - a third of the global total. >>hailin - china's market leader in thermostat controls - is eyeing the potential for heating commercial buildings more sustainably. at its new headquarters, the company went further than having traditional rooftop solar panels. on the outside of its new building, the narrow lighter coloured rows are heat collectors too. the company's president, li haiqing believes this is the way forward. >>for example, on the roof or on the wall of the building - and even on the glass curtain wall - we installed a great number of heat collecting panels, but you won't see them anywhere. that means those panels don't destroy the appearance of the building - in fact, we installed a great number of panels and at low cost. >>rep
Aug 8, 2011 5:00am EDT
words or less why you deserve a three day, wo night stay... plus 100-dollars in resort benefits. just log onto foxbaltimore-dot-com to enter. and watch foo45 morning news the week of aug 15... to see if you''e won! sttll to come... with july's job numbers better than expected...the job market is still tanking.the new initiative the president is pus. pushing.spencer says: "it's out there. it's colorful." collrful."and casey anthony... imortalized.the áuniqueá spin this artist put on his portrait of her áandá... the amount of money he's trying to sell it for... next. ((bump out)) ((breakk2)) 3 mona lisa... dogs playing poker...casey anthony? pbelieve it or not, a texas "3-d painting" of the accused child killer. and as robert price explains.. the starting bid is a cool one hundred fifty-thousand dollars. dollars. straight ahead... rapper "big boi" is facing drug charges.where the drugs wereefound and iffhis attorney thinks the charges will stick. dismal economiccoutlook, many small businesses are tightning the purse strings.ábutá some say they will be hiring s
Aug 5, 2011 6:00am EDT
of every dollar today and finding the right solution adds value to the gses overtime. the other component is to move the darlan away from eliminate the gses tomorrow but management is all gone and our other pieces of the gse we like to preserve overtime? it is doable. >> mr. van walkenburg. >> i proposed one idea that there's no single monolithic solution. all these markets are complex and price risk differently with different investors so the subordinated bond solution might be the best. we don't know until we execute and see what the price and cost is so our proposed the edf market is one avenue of exploratory. i don't have a particular single solution. you have to find out what costs are and the best execution for the government balance sheet. >> we end up with a portfolio of things we need to work on in the interim given the likelihood of legislation in the near term as well. the fhsa is one way. we could lower them further and gradual basis. it would enable the private market to open up. fhfa could limit the borrowing from the home loan banking system. you could encourage bond legisl
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am PDT
.s. sovereign debt. the state-run xinhua news agency on monday quoted analysts as saying that risks of dollar devaluation increased after the downgrade. the agency says the u.s. has every motive to maintain a weak dollar because increasing exports seems to be a final resort for boosting the economy. xinhua said the u.s. should not forget its responsibility as an issuer of reserve currency to keep the value of the dollar stable. >>> china's government run "people's daily" in its monday edition called on the u.s. and other western nations to lead the global economic recovery. the paper stressed that china's bold economic measures played an important role in the recovery of the global economy after the 2008 financial crisis. >>> u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon has met survivors of the japanese earthquake and tsunami and people who had to evacuate homes near the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. ban began his visit to fukushima with a briefing from the prefectural governor. he heard about the challenges of checking local people's health and cleaning up radioactive substances. ban visited
Aug 5, 2011 6:00am PDT
you go home tonight, there will be a porsche in your garage. and he says, i want a million dollars. he says, done. when you go to the bank on monday, there will be a million dollars in your account. thank you very much, i have to find my ball. so he goes looking -- hold on a minute, lad. please hold on. i see you are golfing with your wife. do you mind if i go into the shrubbery with her for an hour or so? he says, let me ask her. it's a million dollars. so he goes up and asks the wife and she says, what? you don't mind if i go in the bushes with the leprechaun? he says, no, no, go ahead. it's a million dollars. she says, i don't care about the car but a million dollars that could help us a lot. so she goes into the bushes with the leprechaun. about an hour later, they are coming out, she's adjusting her skirt, fixing her hair, and the leprechaun says, thank you very much. how old is your husband? she says, he's 44. he's a little too old to be believing in leprechauns, isn't he? so that's for those who don't respect their own heritage. in addition to that idea of the cross roads of ide
Aug 31, 2011 5:30pm EDT
irene. comptroollr ppter franchot estimates the state lost almmst two million dollars ii sales tax revenue... and 150 thousand dollars in withholling taxes becauss of evacuations in ocean cityy officcals alss estimated a 60 thoosand-dollar loss in gas tax revenue, because people canceled their weekend trips.. businnss owners ii ocean city are hoping to rebound this labor ddy. the governor toured quuen pnne's countyytodayy urveying the damage from the hurricann. in the town f millington, the chester river ooerflowed it's banks and &pforced it's way into homes along sassafras street. alf a dozen families ost all their possessions... 3""he stuff i got out here iss my kitchen living room &pbedroom....all out there" there" the destroyed contents from the homes along the street arr pow littering lawns... tonight.. find out how some of the residents here.. had to be rrscued on fox 45 news at 10 exception of few individual 3 school.syou can see the llst of closures at the bottom of your screen... or go to our websitt, fox paltimore dot com. more than 70--housand balttmore city studeets.... returned to
FOX News
Aug 15, 2011 3:00am EDT
. when they do. >>> that leads to inflation. >> john: because the more dollars you print the less each one is worth. that happened in zimbabwe recently. it took 25 million dollars to equal one american dollar. you had to carry armfuls of cash. >> you safe money to enjoy life for your old age or leave money for your children. that money will be worth nothing. >> so printing all this extra money, what are the other options? the government can plais raise be taxes or try to spend it. tough choices. politicians are supposed to make these choices. so what does president obama do. >> i'm asking them to make clear recommendations on how to cover the costs of all federal programs by 2015. >> john: he recommended a trillion in tax increases and $3 trillion in spending cuts but the president didn't take those recommendations that your bothered ee even the liberal media. >> the total debt is $7.2 trillion on top of the $14 trillion we already have. how can you say that we are living within our means. >> i'm not suggesting we don't have to do more. >> in your fiscal commission had you a majority c
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Aug 20, 2011 8:00am PDT
have to cut somewhere and that means jobs. >> it starts with the weak dollar and what that is preventing is companies from investing in plant and equipment and factoris and things that create jobs. the high-priced level is a symptom and not a cause. the cause is a weak dollar and that is killing the job growth right now. >> morgan we heard that back to school prices are going up 10 percent across the board. there are increased prices particularly shopping in the grocery store. >> there are increased prices and whether the weak dollar is the cause or not we are seeing the affects in the job's market. mcdonalds and clorox that reported expected earnings this year and campbell's soup that is laying off 10 percent of the world wide employees including 130 people in new jersey and factory lay offs with as many as a thousand employees. rising cost may not be the only factor involved but it is a factor. >> quin, this is your last appearance on forbes on fox. you are a fine journalist and a decent man and i wish you the very best. >> that is exactly kind, david and the thing i
Aug 4, 2011 9:00pm PDT
10 trading days more than 9 40 billion dollars in wealth has been erased by falling share price. average of 12,000 dollars for every 401(k) investor. many folk are asking will anything turn things around in the short-ter short-term? july jobs report due out in the morning is going to be telling. if employers added more than 100,000 new workers last month, it is possible selling will turn around. or at least take a break. this is abc news, new york. >>> on this day when the dow plummeted more than 500 points the good news for the market. the networking company in mountain view had surprise profit in 10 million dollars in earnings that beat wall street expectation. doubled more than last year to 121 million and membership climbed 61 percent to 116 million. link in is the first u.s. social network to sell shares to the public. it's initial public offering was in may. >>> now despite current investor concern retailers saw a gain in sales last month. retailers reported 4.6 percent increase in stores that have been open at least a year. heavy discount help drive sales still ana
Aug 24, 2011 10:00pm EDT
.. theegrand prix is dollars to baltimore...why some say those predictions are off track......and the things we should have learned frrm other's our cover story tonight. rides are inspected.......for the maryland state karen parks live at the fairgrounns.....where inspectors say.....these rides are ready to go..... a simple mistake, could cost you your drivers license. megan gilliland says errors made by parking officcals are affecting thousands of maryland drrvers. drivers. reams of data obtained by fox45 show that tens of thousands of drivers weee issued parking tickets in washington d-c... tickets they say the didn't deserve. these are the documents our investigation uncovered... all from the district of columbia's motor vehicle adminstration a bunch of numbers on paaer... but for chinyere chikeka.. it's much t bigger than that. chikeka recenlty received a letter from d-c threatening to take her driver's license for an unpaid ticket even though she hadn't been to washington in 20 years.3:37:05"on the ticket, ii says you're driving a chevy? yes, i've never owned
Aug 31, 2011 7:00am PDT
safe. despite billions of dollars spent on aviation security, the report found the u.s. still cannot reliably detect explosives that could bring down a plane. we are still highly vulnerable to aviation security threats, the report concludes. >> we really have not got it right yet. >> reporter: governor tom kean was the co-chairman of the 9/11 commission, the panel set up to find ways to prevent another terror attack. the failure to detett explosives is one of nine unfinished recommendations of the commisison cited in the report card out this morning. >> some of these recommendations get an "f." >> reporter: there is no perfect technology. the former tsa director says, by inspecting passengers' shoes and restricting the amount of liquid brought onboard the goal is to make sure no bomb is big enough to bring down a plane. >> you don't want a bomb going off and injuring people on a plane. but you do not want to let them bring a bomb that will catastrophically destroy the plane. >> reporter: also cited in the commission report card, is to remedy the failure the communications breakdown t
Aug 5, 2011 9:00pm PDT
dollar national debt will go up. raising our government annual interest cost up to 75 billion dollars a year according to some estimates. and that means higher borrowing cost for all of us. most consumer and business credit lines things like mortgages and student loans and credit cards should all see rates go up immediately. it is feared any interest in creases will slow the economy and cause more layoffs >> it will make us worse off. unambiguous in my mind that we have constructed both global system and national system based on the u.s. being a triple a. if the u.s. loses that triple a status it will be much mr. difficult for the u.s. to restore growth. >>reporter: all of this the last thing the stock market needs. after brutal two week period where shares have fallen more than 10 percent erasing more than 1 trillion dollars in wealth. >> if standard and poor says it lowered the credit rating because the deficit reduction plan passed by congress on tuesday falls short of u.s. credit now averaging alongside european nation lake united kingdom and france. s&p says the out lo
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